The Wine Tap Van Mobile Wine Bar

Unrequited love is the worst, right? Well, perhaps not always as that is exactly where the idea for the van came from. Specifically from a love of wine, but a distinct lack of quality wines at festivals. How hard is it to get a tasty, refreshing, chilled Sauvignon Blanc at a festival? As it turns out, extremely hard.

The Wine Tap Van was born. From our beautifully restored and converted 1979 Peugeot J7, we serve a selection of 6 wines on tap that you will actually want to drink. Let the good times flow! 

The Wine Tap Van Mobile Wine Bar

We are Earth conscious. It’s a no brainer both for the environment and for our business model.

It uses less packaging and has a reduced carbon footprint through using recyclable, lightweight kegs instead of glass bottles. It also means our customers get a better, fresher glass of wine. Win win.

We also serve all our drinks in compostable vegetable cups, re-usable carafes or in glasses, when allowed. 

The Wine Tap Van New York Sours Cocktail

The best bit. We like to serve 2 reds, 2 whites, a rosé and a sparkling wine. On their own or in our signature seasonal wine cocktails. Our changeable menu is rigorously taste tested by willing friends and family to ensure we’ve got something for everyone.

Working with wine merchants that focus on small, sustainable and ethically versed Domaines is really important to us and most of our wines are vegan and organic.

We are able to serve other drinks upon request and can work together with you to customise the menu. If you’ve got something particular in mind, let’s chat!

The Wine Tap Van Mobile Wine Bar

Time to introduce Louisa; founder and Wino-in-Chief. As a lover of music festivals, she found out first hand that the wine on offer wasn’t up to scratch.

After studying for a WSET qualification in 2017 she set up Brixton Wine Club. Run from her South London flat, Louisa held wine tastings to share her newfound knowledge with her friends. It was very casual and not high brow in the slightest. Let’s just say, there wasn’t a spittoon in sight

The next few years were spent juggling a full time fashion job, refining the business idea with expert guidance from The Prince’s Trust and drinking coffee, lots of coffee.

The Wine Tap Van launched in late 2019.